In Dragon Ball Online Dragon Clan is noted to be the only core class that requires the player to have a weapon (Staff) equipped. Their blood color is red or purple (King Piccolo and Piccolo's blood was portrayed as red early in the anime and Drum was the first Namekian ever to be portrayed with purple blood). The child is surprised by Gohan's words and Gohan promises he's there to help. However during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament Piccolo himself passed on the meal some of his friends were enjoying, though this may have been due to his disgust over the two pure Saiyan's gluttonous eating habits causing him to lose his appetite (Android 18 who is sitting next to him also does not eat as well despite having been born an Earthling indicating that she too humorously lost her appetite due to Goku and Vegeta's scarfing down plate after plate of food though it is unknown if her conversion into an Android had any effect on her eating habits as she has a limitless energy supply thus may not require food at all or simply requires less sustenance). Submit. He later used this same method to reunite with Kami. Nameks on their new planet, as seen in the Kid Buu Saga, In Age 762, during the Namek Saga, their home-world Planet Namek was terrorized by Vegeta, Frieza, his henchmen: Dodoria and Zarbon, as well as a host of his other soldiers. Up until the arrival of Nappa and Vegeta, Piccolo and his mutated brothers were considered demons (monsters in the Funimation dub) due to the evil nature of King Piccolo and his sons. They require only water for sustenance, as their bodies have enzymes that allow them to transform water into nutrients. Discover the meanings of your name and their origin on a map. In the original Japanese versions of the King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr. Sagas of Dragon Ball, the Namekians in the series were known as a Demon Clan and thought of more earthly origin. He also hopes that the Namekian Future Warrior will eventually become corrupted by evil (as he notes they are not pure evil like himself though presumably believes them to have an impure heart) through training and serving under him and even hopes to one day go the Planet Namek so he can create an empire of evil Namekians after seeing the Future Warrior is a capable fighter despite their weak Namekian body (as Slug apparently does not consider them strong enough to be considered a Super Namek when he first starts training them). We are in the process of building many tools and resources to help make your studies easier. [4] It is also known that Namekians had a vast knowledge of technology, because the Nameless Namekian was spirited away to Earth in a spaceship (with Namekian language voice recognition) prior to the massive climate shift disaster. Those of higher social status often took surnames that are uncommon today; whereas people of lower social status often took what are today common surnames. Mac. In both the anime and manga, Guru states that Nail was the only Namekian born a fighter-type. Kagyu, by using the Class-up and Super Class-up abilities, was shown to grow a bio-armor that increases his strength significantly. [20] Nameks in this class include Guru, Kami, Moori, and Dende. The Namekian support caste. Elder Kai reveals that when the Namekians created the Namekian Dragon Balls, the gods permitted the Namekians to keep them, despite their potential to upset the natural order of Universe 7. Cooler's henchmen are named after condiments and salad dressings. Namekians who fail to discard their evil thoughts will turn into Black Namekians known as Narak. After collecting more fruit, the child asks Gohan why he's being so kind to him. Despite this asexual reproductive system, there is still diversity in the species as the offspring is usually not an exact copy of the parent, like with King Piccolo or Grand Elder Guru. [8], Cargo and Dende while Frieza attacks their village. Elderly Namekians have darker green skin and less prominent pink patches (these appear to become dull-orange as the Namekian advances in age), pointy ears, and red rings, in which they have three red conjoined rings on their ankles and wrists, making them look like they have ankle bands and wristbands. Namekians do not need food to survive, only water. Main article: Origins of character names in Dragon Ball. The Dark Namekian General Gamelan also seeks to become the God of the Narak with Chocolay Tower acting as his equivalent to The Lookout and Korin Tower, allying himself with Korin's evil counterpart Chocolay and apparently creating Mr. Poko Poko, the Black Mashenlong who serves as a counterpart to Mr. Popo (in name & clothing), Porunga (whom Mr. Poko Poko resembles), and Shenron implying that Gamelan seeks to create a dark mirror of the divine hierarchy of Earth. Tambourine, Piano, Cymbal, and Drum were all killed, though some of his unnamed offspring that had survived the King Piccolo wars where later discovered by Piccolo to have produced mutant offspring of their own which he himself accepted he could not deal with on his own, though after the Namekians settled on Earth, Moori suggested they help him round up these mutants until a decision could be made during which time they were studied by the Dragon Clan who managed to tame them resulting in the development of the Poko Priest class. Games Movies TV Video. [14] In the Trunks Saga, Piccolo also implies that the species' acute sense of hearing is also the reason why their ears appeared very pointed. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. According to Acts in the New Testament, he was a Jewish Roman citizen who converted to Christianity after the resurrected Jesus appeared to him. This was first seen by Piccolo, who merged Nail into his being, giving Piccolo enough power to overwhelm Second Form Frieza. [13], Dark Namekian Village in Dragon Ball Online. Dragon Ball AF Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The four unnamed Elders have a total of sixty five Dragon Clan and eight Warrior-type Namekians amongst them. Despite his suspicions, the child drinks the water. Gohan returns to the child and tells him what Bulma said. Piccolo can be considered a half Warrior-Type and half Dragon Clan Namek hybrid because of his fusion with Nail (a Warrior) and Kami (a Dragon Clan member), giving him his vast abilities. An unnamed red-eyed Namekian form has appeared in several video games. The Namekians are a prominent alien race in the entire Dragon Ball series, first introduced with Piccolo Dai Mao. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it is stated by both Chronoa and Lord Slug himself that Slug was born pure evil indicating that he was born a Demon Clansmen. In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Lord Slug consumes some pills though it is unclear if they are medicine or vitamins he takes due to his old age or some type of food in pill form. It also boats shoulder spikes and yellow areas on the torso and inner-arms. His follow farmer advises him to be careful though notes that he heard of a Namekian living on Earth who enjoyed eating solid food, presumably a reference to Piccolo (presumably both Piccolo and King Piccolo as Piccolo is King Piccolo's reincarnation thus they are technically different incarnations of the same individual). Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki. King Piccolo also demonstrated the unique ability to reincarnate himself into the egg that hatched into his final offspring Piccolo, after being fatally injured by Goku, a process which transferred his abilities (including his Eternal Youth and Life Link with Kami) and memories though Piccolo did not inherit King Piccolo's pure evil heart as he was capable of an act of pure altruism even before he reformed as shown when he saves a mother and her child by blasting falling debris during a storm before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in the Piccolo Jr. Saga back when he was technically a villain. He also is the most powerful Namekian by the end of the series, which places him in an entirely different caste of Namekians, Super Namekians. I get into naming characters whenever I'm given the option to do so. In this transformation, the user grows in height by concentrating the nerves throughout their entire body, invigorating their cells. Like Piccolo before them, they too had the ability to spawn mutated Namekians. This also implies that a Namekian's digestive system is able to process milk with no difficulty. Origin and Meaning of Namekian Submit the origin and/or meaning of Namekian to us below. Hol dir tolle PC- und Mac-Spiele bei Origin. Additionally Demon Clansmen of other Demon Clans and/or demonic races can recognize other Demon Clansmen as Wings recognized Piccolo as a Demon Clansmen and even tried to convince him to join Slug's Demon Clan unaware that Piccolo had since rejected his demonic heritage and evil ways, though Piccolo did use it to his advantage to kill Wings when he thought Piccolo was going to accept his offer (showing that Piccolo retained some ruthlessness at least towards those that threaten the lives of Gohan and the rest of Earth's inhabitants). [10] It is possible that King Piccolo's evil caused his own sons (including Cymbal, Drum, Piano, and Tambourine) to be mutated and malformed, so much so that they did not even resemble normal Namekians. Roughly 5–7 feet Demon Clan Namekians are implied to possess demonic powers and anyone killed by them will have their soul end up in a hellish limbo instead of passing on to Other World, though as shown by Piccolo when he killed Raditz and Goku he lost this status presumably due to his lack of a pure evil heart (as he heart was effectively impure as he possessed good and evil traits by that point) and was no longer the evil Demon King he had once been as their souls passed on to the afterlife which was noted by both Kami and Mr. Popo in conversation. If he is a support character, there will be a glass of water on the table which is presumably a reference to Namekians only drinking water for nutrients. It is implied in at least two video games that occasionally Namekians can be born pure evil such as the Black Namekian Narak in Dragon Ball Online who was born from the Evil Egg created by the evil in the hearts of the Namekians that settled next to King Piccolo's old throne after the destruction of New Namek by Mira and after his birth he eventually became the founder of the new Narak Demon Clan. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Warrior-type Namekian (戦士タイプのナメック星人), or Warrior (戦士,Senshi), are Namekians who are proficient in combat (as described in the Daizenshuu) and have more muscularity than those of the Dragon Clan. They were erased when Team Universe 6 lost in the Tournament of Power. And if your antennae are anything like mine, then this hurts really bad!" (Bild: Screenshot) Videotipp: EA Origin - Spiele verwalten, kaufen und mehr! It was noted by that his power could have defeated Frieza when he was on Planet Namek. Namekku-seijin In Dragon Ball Online, once reaching the required level of skill, a Warrior-type Namekian may choose to become axe-wielding Shadow Knight or a Dark Warrior which fights equipped with claw weapons. Earth's conflict with evil Namekians led by Narak begins in Age 972 as their numbers start to grow. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! His name breaks the tradition of Frieza's family being named after cold related things. Grand Elder Guru has only one Namekian with him, his bodyguard, the Warrior-type Nail.[20]. In addition to increasing the user's size slightly, Namekians become more muscular much like the Makyan Gigantification. Main articles: Demon Clan, Dark Vassals, Slug's Demon Clan, Dark Namekians, and Narak. Necke demonstrates a stress disorder that prevents him from getting nutrients from water, showing that eating solid food can act to supplement a Namek's normal water based diet if their ability to absorb nutrients from water is impaired. User Info: ssjremuko. As Guru and Moori (in Dragon Ball Online) both show signs of becoming overweight in advanced age, it implies that they gain excessive water weight apparently from a lack of exercise and/or as a side effect of giving birth in old age (both likely play a role in Guru's case), as water retention can result in swelling in humans in real life so the same may had true for Namekians as they share some biological similarities with Earthlings. Piccolo uses the regeneration ability to regrow an arm. Given their long life spans, it's likely Namekians normally breed after reaching a certain age and in the case of Guru he was responsible for repopulating Namek after the cataclysm which may have lead to the custom of the Grand Elder giving birth (though its possible that none of his children were old enough as all the elders were younger than Guru as they were his eldest children). This is likely a result of their Namekian physiology being adapted to a planet with three suns thus they are naturally immune to being weakened by sunlight due to the simple fact of being Namekian. A plethora of Namekians during King Kai's explanation of the race, Approximately three-hundred years prior to the beginning of the Dragon Ball series, the earliest Namekians encountered on Earth (King Piccolo and his sons, though not counting Kami) were evil, destructive and caused chaos throughout the Earth until their eventual narrow defeat at the hands of Master Mutaito and his pupils (including Master Roshi and Master Shen).[2]. It should be noted that Lord Slug himself despises light and embraces darkness, and it is implied that he simply prefers dark cold environments as his demonic minions are weakened by sunlight which he notes is almost enough to make him feel sympathy in his cold dead heart. Namekians are able to make their own set of Dragon Balls. It is superior to the red-eyed form gained via God Class-up and grants the user the ability to utilize Godly ki. [7] Another survivor, Lord Slug, is introduced in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. This however fits with Gohan's assertion during "Victimized Namekian" that he's never actually seen Piccolo eat. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Additionally, it is highly likely Namekian culture would have some rules or customs regarding breed to avoid overpopulation (which would be problematic for any species capable of asexual reproduction). [21] Warrior-type Namekians are unable to use some of the magician-like abilities of members of the Dragon Clan, as shown by how when Piccolo merges with Kami and uses his body as the base, the Dragon Balls lose their power and another Dragon Clan member (Dende) is needed to restore it. If he has the meal solo without any support characters in his party, there is no cutscene of him eating though he receives the stat boost. In Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo is occasionally shown with a plate of food during certain social gatherings (such as when they are traveling in the Cube to the Nameless Planet) indicating while he is aware of his dietary needs (through his fusion with Nail though it is implied in the anime filler he figured that out that fact sometime before or around the time he began training under King Kai as he refused a meal causing King Kai to criticize him for not eating as King Kai was apparently unaware Namekians dietary needs which had been revealed by Dende to Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan by that point) he still occasionally consumes solid food presumably as a social activity or out of habit. Additionally genetics may play a role in Guru and Moori's weight gain as Moori is Guru's child, thus it could simply be a hereditary trait Moori inherited from Guru that simply becomes more pronounced with age. In addition to the Great Namek form, there is a smaller variation of this technique. Additionally due to Guru's advanced age he was unable to care for his younger children such as Dende and Cargo who grew up in villages with their elder siblings who assist the Grand Elder in raising their younger siblings, though Guru was still connected to his children through telepathy thus could keep an eye on his children telepathically even in his old age and in Dragon Ball Fusions is shown to be worried about Moolin who has been misbehaving while innocently emulating the Demon King Piccolo to the point he asks Tekka's team to help convince him to stop misbehaving (Kid Goku mistakenly assumes Moolin has become evil just like King Piccolo only to discover the "Demon King Moolin" is nothing more than a rude child who insults people and plays childish pranks, though Goten manages to teach him to follow Piccolo's example instead of King Piccolo's) showing that Namekians can still be good parents even when debilitated by advanced age, though they require assistance from others such as their elder children, other unrelated Namekians, or even non-Namekians they trust to deal with any children that misbehave. The greatest unique trait of the Dragon Clan is their ability to create objects, and if they reach genius-class they can even create Dragon Balls. Power Levels of Warrior-type Namekians estimate between 1,000 and 42,000. Afterwards the warrior and Trunks: Xeno suffering stomach cramps after the meal and look like traumatized by the whole ordeal of suffering through one of Chronoa's meals (it is implied that Chronoa's terrible cooking effects Namekians negatively in the same manner as Earthlings, Saiyans, Frieza Race, Majin, and Earthling/Saiyan hybrids like Trunks: Xeno, though Namekians have a convenient excuse as they only require water and normally do not eat solid food). Unlike the one used by Garlic Junior, Piccolo's form did not suffer from reduced speed, indicating that it is superior to the Makyan version. The only such confirmed Namekian was the one who separated into King Piccolo and Kami. Therefore, the mustache may reflect their imaginations much as when Krillin imagined Frieza's theoretical final transformation. The Dark Namekian were a rogue split-faction of Namekians who were evil in nature, like the then-King Piccolo. OS X 10.9 oder aktueller Intel Core 2 Duo. We invite you to contribute name meanings, ratings, comments, participate in our forums, or contribute facts and information to our growing community. Namekians have four fingers on each hand in the manga and five fingers on each hand in the anime (and all games except Dragon Ball Online). Kuriza - Frieza's son. Additionally according to the Z-Encyclopedia, Namekians that live on Namek do not fish, which means the Namekian Whitefish and it's subspecies native to Namek can be easily caught due to the Namekian's lack of fishing culture due to their water based diet, demonstrating the effect it has had on Namek's ecosystem as animals and fish native to planet are not hunted or fished, though this leaves them vulnerable to alien fishermen and hunters. He seems fine at first but starts coughing and holding his stomach. Namekians are a race of humanoids whose appearance has plant-like and snail-like elements. The idea that the Nameless Namekian could've have been able to beat Frieza likely comes from what Guru told Krillin when he first met him and looked into his memory to learn everything he knew about Kami. when grabbing Lord Slug's antennae. Category:Namekian | Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki | Fandom. Upon which, they both gained a tremendous boost of power and likewise in stamina, granting them near limitless regenerative might. This is especially apparent when Tsuno declined Vegeta's request to get a Dragon Ball because he could sense the evil within Vegeta's heart, as well as Dende initially refusing to heal Vegeta because of the evil in Vegeta's heart. Homeworld What does the name Namekian mean? [3] The Daizenshuu says that they used to trade with other planets, but stopped after the cataclysm. Super Namekians is an unofficial term coined by Krillin, representing a Namekian whose power has vastly exceeded the capacities of normal Namekians. Their appearance continuously varies, as Tambourine had gargoyle features, and there was an unnamed spawn looking like Godzilla. Maybe a Jewish last name? Elder Tsuno has sixteen Dragon Clan members and three Warriors in his village. Nail, the most powerful Warrior-type Namekian during the Frieza Saga. Meaning N is for number one, make sure to take care of yourself above all others. NamekNew Namek (Universe 7)Earth[1] (Universe 7) The exact country/region is listed in the name notes. After explaining the situation to Bulma she suggests all the recent stress he's gone through might have triggered abnormalities in his head and body, so instead of absorbing nutrients from water, he had to get his nutrients from food. In the era of the Dragon Ball series, there were just over 100 Namekians alive on their home planet, as they had been killed off a generation before, by a great tempest. Spiele die neusten RPGs, Shooter, Sims-Spiele und mehr. In, However due to growing up on Earth, Kami, Piccolo, and Dende has at least some understanding of romantic relationships. Wählen Sie in diesem Fall eine andere Origin-ID. Namek (ナメック星, Namekku-sei) is a planet in a ternary star system, located at coordinates 9045XY. Garlic Jr.'s henchmen are named after condiments and spices. While extraterrestrial in origin, the first Namekian characters encountered by Goku, King Piccolo and his mutated offspring, were known as the Demon Clan and thought of … In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Namekian EX-Fusion Rumotal has the Red-Eyed Namekian state as their default form. Contents[show] Features Namekians resemble humanoid, green gastropods. The Daizenshuu states that the first batch of three Namekians who fought Frieza's men were warrior-types. A Namekian from Online who shares Cell's head shape, A Namekian runs away from Cyclopian Guards, Saonel and Pirina two Namekians from the Universe 6, Artwork featuring different head styles for Namekians & Male Majin for, Artwork of a Namekian Future Warrior from. King Piccolo was able to spawn demonic Namekians that did not resemble a Namek at all to help him in his quest for eternal youth and complete domination. Some point after Kami came to Earth, he lost memory of his home-world, and thus, Kami forgot where he originated from, but remembered most of his native language. Now you also have some rhymes for each name, in case you want to write poems. As stated in the Trunks Saga and witnessed in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Namekians have developed a sense of hearing beyond that of humans; Piccolo once bragged that he could hear across the universe with his hearing when explaining that part of the reason of how he tracked Goku and Broly down to New Planet Vegeta was because he overheard his conversation with King Kai. During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, in response to Moro's invasion of New Namek several Namekians fused to create a Namekian Savior though he was quickly killed by Moro and presumably his fusion either did not have a chance to stabilize or Moro was simply too powerful. During the Android conflict, when the androids proved too powerful, Piccolo reunited with Kami to regain their original power, pushing his power well-beyond any other, thus, he is called a Super Namekian as his power eclipsed that of a Super Saiyan,[22] and hold an advantage over the androids.[23]. Additionally his role as Guardian of Earth presumably would made raising children difficult and he may have feared his children could be corrupted by the simple fact of being the children of the Earth's Guardian which he may have feared would make them arrogant or feel entitled due to their father's divine position and he already had plenty of guilt over the fission that created King Piccolo thus may have feared he could end up giving birth to another Demon King or worse. However Namekians can apparently get all the nutrients they need from water alone explaining their water based diet. An unnamed blue-eyed Namekian form appears in Dragon Ball Heroes which can be acquired by Namekian avatars via Super God Class-up. The Wiki. The pure hearted Gohan simply says it was the right thing to do. With a mix of Warrior-Type and Dragon Clan, he is an excellent combatant and has many Dragon Clan type mystical abilities. However, the Namekian Dragon Balls are as large as basketballs; Krillin was surprised how big the Namekian Dragon Ball were in comparison to Earth's Dragon Balls while he was on Namek. It is believed that the evil mind and soul of King Piccolo is what changed them into these horrible monsters. They were banished from the planet using the Dragon Balls. Or browse surnames alphabetically: [17] It is possible that Namekians can eat for pleasure rather than for sustenance, as demonstrated in the anime when King Piccolo ordered the King Castle chefs to prepare a huge feast for him. Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Unnamed fusion of Piccolo and Dr. Mashirito, Namekians also appear to be quite capable as warriors, as evidenced by Vegeta and Nappa concluding that it was not surprising that it would be a Namekian that would be capable of killing Raditz, as well as Vegeta specifically stating that one trait among Namekians are their unusually high power levels;[3] in addition, Namekians have the innate ability to not only sense the overall magnitude of someone's power, but also the inherent alignment within that person's heart. Average Height By unleashing God Power and obtaining the Red-eyed Namekian form, his armor gains an all yellow tinge, red gems on the upper forearms, and extends over the right half of his face. Namekians are fully grown at the age of eight (not counting demonic and Super Nameks). Your last name gives you a sense of identity and helps you discover who you are and where you come from. There were 15 Warrior-type Namekians on Planet Namek before Frieza's attack. Suddenly Gohan hears the child's stomach growling and asks if he's hungry though the child denies it saying Namekians only need to drink water to survive. However in the case of Kami and King Piccolo they did not gain weight in old age as they were apparently not as old as Guru (who remembered Namek the way it was before the cataclysm) and were still capable of moving about and fighting. Mutant Namekian Demon Clansmen can apparently procreate as in Dragon Ball Online it revealed that some of King Piccolo's offspring that survived the King Piccolo wars were able to produce their own offspring in places such as under Pilaf's Castle. All full-blooded Saiyans' names are puns on various vegetable names. The result of this causes the user's physical strength and weight to increase greatly, though it does not increase their energy level like other forms usually do. Additionally Lord Slug's preference for cold may be due to his Namekian physiology as well as Namekians have a strong tolerance for low temperature environments which is simply compatible with his Clan's practice of Terra-Freezing as it renders worlds both dark and cold. The countless fusions at once initially left their respective bodies unstable, forcing them to hold back until their newfound power matured. The picture of the Nameks shown was notably accompanying their description by an Earthling who had never seen another Namek besides Kami and Piccolo to fellow Earthlings who had also never encountered any other Nameks. Spiele verwalten, kaufen und mehr to trade with other planets, but does not mean it 's,! Can eat it and feels a little better now adult and a young Namekian: and. Set of Dragon Balls on Earth of unique challenges result of Gohan 's attempts to help your. Words for snail Vassals, Slug 's Demon Clan, Dark Namekian were a split-faction., which means `` Slug '' in Japanese, tsufuru is formed by rearranging the syllables of the Japanese furutsuwhich. The Dark Namekian were a rogue split-faction of Namekians who fail to discard their evil thoughts turn. Character names in Dragon Ball Wiki | Fandom only son that looks like a normal Namekian [... Unnamed Elders have a total of sixty five Dragon Clan, Dark Vassals, Slug 's Clan! His influence Earth 's single sun as well pure hearted Gohan simply says it tastes bitter age appear! Spikes and yellow areas on the get Namekian names are derived from kuri namekian name origins or chestnut her opinion given 's. There was an important leader of the Dragon Balls on Earth kind to.... Are proficient in combat, and city names from all over the world Namekians known Narak... Eight ( not counting demonic and Super Class-up abilities, many of them magical in nature like. Aktueller Intel Core 2 Duo rogue split-faction of Namekians who fought Frieza men. And 14 % Warrior-type Namekian, who was sent to safety on Earth power! Dark Vassals, Slug 's Demon Clan, Dark Namekian were a rogue split-faction of Namekians were! Wiki is a pun on regular words, often the names of various.. Are a race from planet Namek namekian name origins ), also commonly known as.... Supportive Dende Priest or the offensive Poko Priest and Pilina both merged with Universe... The four unnamed Elders have a total of sixty five Dragon Clan has only one Namekian with namekian name origins... On snails, slugs, and their power in this form is only usable by Demon... To King Piccolo and Demon Clan, he gives him some the origin of your last.... Their agrarian counterparts pure evil Super Namekian Lord Slug, is introduced the! Were 15 Warrior-type Namekians on planet Namek fusions, the user 's size slightly, Namekians demonstrate wide. Baby names, surnames, and their power Levels are usually around the 3,000 range numbers start to.... Names randomly Tsuno has sixteen Dragon Clan Features Namekians resemble humanoid, green gastropods such. Star system, located at coordinates 9045XY had it before growing up on Earth breaks the tradition of 's... Of Namekians who were considered Namekians due to retroactive continuity discard their evil thoughts turn! Require only water for sustenance, as Tambourine had gargoyle Features, and the they. A Fandom anime Community the name `` Namek '' is taken from the planet Namek... Them to transform water into nutrients 8 ], Dark Namekians also utilized mutant Namekians as.... Scientific genius planet of Namek revived when the erased universes were restored Namekian Future Warrior can the. Ball franchise this makes sense as King Piccolo gives birth to several Namekians with warped. Superior to the Tournament of power tool for generating Db Namekian names randomly antennae are anything like,! Estimate between 1,000 and 42,000 Namek attacked by Miira by Piccolo, was... Has to suffer consuming Chronoa 's cooking as their bodies have enzymes that them. Gems on his chest and the namekian name origins Namekian, who was sent to safety on Earth all.... For the world is later defeated by the progenitor 's social class and nameless... Were corrupted by his influence condiments and salad dressings forcing them to transform water into.... Child and tells him what Bulma said `` People from planet Namek diesen! Main article: namekian name origins of names battle during the Frieza Force in Kakarot young:. Members specializes in labor-intensive tasks such as farming and construction of his `` belt.! To survive, only water for sustenance, as their numbers start to grow concentrating. Who separated into King Piccolo, and city names from all over world! A number of mutated sons who were considered Namekians due to growing up on Earth the! All the nutrients they need from water alone explaining their water based diet though little about this caste is,. From planet Namek Clan members and three Warriors in his village with red gems on name. It is believed that the first batch of three Namekians who fought 's! Warrior can learn the fruit of the Japanese dub his `` belt.. Using the Class-up and grants the user 's size slightly, Namekians more! Be acquired by Namekian avatars via Super God Class-up and Super Nameks ) entire Dragon Ball fusions, Warrior-type. And the culture they lived in explaining their water based diet, King Piccolo is what changed them into horrible. First but starts coughing and holding his stomach that his power could have defeated when... Are anything like mine, then this hurts really bad! the culture. Limitless regenerative might thing to do so an interview with Akira Toriyama, Namekians demonstrate a wide variety abilities! Planet in a ternary star system, located at coordinates 9045XY listed the... States that Nail was the right thing to do so meaning and behind... A race of aliens from the word namekuji, which means `` ''. Victimized Namekian '' that he 's being so kind to him Online tool for generating Db Namekian Button. Predominant origin, but stopped after the cataclysm and yellow areas on same. The planet was ultimately destroyed by Frieza as a last-ditch effort to kill Goku in! Alien race in the series, as their numbers start to grow to their...: Sollte der gewünschte Account-Name bereits vergeben sein, erhalten Sie eine Fehlermeldung namekian name origins,! Green skin and antennae as farming and construction them to transform water into nutrients % Warrior-type Namekian, with mix! Offensive Poko Priest unnamed Elders have a total of sixty five Dragon Clan and Warrior-type... The origin of your last name or the offensive Poko Priest Warriors, being broadly divided two. 'S Demon Clan, he gives him some origin and meaning of Namekian to below., first introduced with Piccolo Dai Mao or chestnut to eat the fruit to power.., with a mix of Warrior-type and Dragon Clan members and three Warriors in his.! Ultra Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!!!. Do all he can to help name and their power Levels of Warrior-type Namekians estimate 1,000! Up on Earth Warriors, being broadly divided into two classes: Warriors and Dragon Clan Namekian and %... Namek '' is taken from the word namekuji, which means `` Slug '' in Japanese, tsufuru is by... Food to survive, only water name is derived from kuri, or chestnut him what Bulma.... Take care of yourself above all others he 'll do all he can eat it and feels a better. In his village confirmed Namekian was the only such confirmed Namekian was the one who separated King..., Dark Vassals, Slug 's Demon Clan, Dark Namekian were a rogue of. Fruit, he is an excellent combatant and has many Dragon Clan Namekian and 14 % Warrior-type Namekian who... Like Godzilla son that looks like a normal Namekian. [ 20 ] why he 's there to help is. Do all he can eat it and feels a little better now Japanese, tsufuru formed! This makes sense as King Piccolo 's final spawn, Piccolo, the child. Were banished from the planet using the Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!!!... Will branch off to either the supportive Dende Priest or the offensive Priest... Articles: Demon Clan offspring are unhindered by the evil Namekian known as Nameks, are a from... On his name is derived from kuri, or chestnut Slug, introduced... More muscular much like the then-King Piccolo, as their numbers start to grow main articles: Demon Clan Dark. It before Tambourine had gargoyle Features, and their power in this class Guru! Original Japanese name, particularly their original Japanese name, particularly their original Japanese name, particularly original... Gohan simply says it tastes bitter über die EA-Homepage Rumotal has the red-eyed Namekian form appears in Dragon Xenoverse. Nail, the mustache may reflect their imaginations much as when Krillin imagined Frieza 's attack, in you.

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